Bill Nighy stars in Steve May’s tense, three-part war-torn drama.

Cruise passengers wonder why the ship has docked in a town still reeling from civil war.

Now divided into zones by the warring factions, locals are trying to re-establish some sense of normality. Cruise passengers are allowed to disembark, but must remain vigilant.

Speculation rises on-board over Bob – after he’s mentioned in the newspapers. He’s later spotted moving furtively around the town. Then at a street café, he’s joined by a beautiful waitress named Sarab.

Their bond grows – and despite more gossip back on-board from passengers Randy and Cagey – Bill hatches a plan to take Sarab to the UK.

However her brothers Ahmed and Khalid have other ideas….

With Sudha Bhuchar as Sarab, John Hartley as Randy, James Aubrey as Cagey, Sam Dastor as Ahmed and Dhirendra as Khalid.