What happens when your neuroses come to life? What shape will they take? Lusus is a psychological horror anthology starring Ncuti Gatwa, Morfydd Clark, Ella Bruccoleri, Karima McAdams, Patsy Ferran, Susannah Fielding, Caroline Faber and Alistair Petrie.

Noa, a young Gen Z Urbanite, suffers from continual FOMO. There is always someone somewhere doing something better than the choice she has made. When trying to keep a birthday arrangement with her mum and sister and attend a fun night out with successful friends, her wish to be in two places at the same time turns deadly.

Tanya is home looking after her baby daughter while her wife Kate (Karima McAdams) works overseas. Their plans to try for more children fuels Tanya’s anxieties about the plastic crisis. As her panic about their impact on the planet grows larger…. so does the fatberg beneath their flat. They learn the hard way that the waste they create will come back to them as either food, or poison.

Magnus is a surgeon who secretly believes that if he doesn’t do his daily rituals, his patients will die. We follow Magnus through the habitual voicemail messages he leaves for his ex-girlfriend Julia, but with each day she doesn’t answer, his rituals are further interrupted. The mindfulness podcast he listens to, in a desperate attempt to change, isn’t helping and might in fact be making things much worse …