A BBC Radio adaptation of Hugh Walpole’s historical novel, set in the Lake District during the 18th century.

Driven by a wild romantic impulse, Francis Herries uproots his family from Doncaster to the lakeland valley of Borrowdale. Accompanied by his housekeeper/mistress, Alice, they settle in his tumbledown ancestral home, Herries, in the shadow of the Cumberland fells.

Proud, stubborn and temperamental, Francis cuts himself off from his brother, spurns his long-suffering wife and becomes embroiled in drink and debauchery. When he sells Alice at Keswick Fair, his reputation is ruined, and the locals dub him ‘Rogue’ Herries. His fate is sealed when he falls for the flame-haired Mirabelle Starr. They are both vagabonds, both outcasts but she is 30 years his junior and does not love him.

As Francis struggles with his feelings for Mirabelle, his son, David, and daughter, Deborah, have battles of their own to fight. Meanwhile, the Jacobite rising has begun, and Bonnie Prince Charlie’s rebel army is at the gates of Carlisleā€¦.

Described by John Buchan as ‘the greatest English novel since Jude the Obscure’, Rogue Herries is a sweeping family saga full of romance and drama. This powerful adaptation stars Gavin Muir as Francis, Mark Bonnar as David, Jane Slavin as Alice, Deborah Berlin as Mirabelle and Jane Whittenshaw as Deborah, with a full cast including Stephen Thorne, Hugh Dickson and Gerard McDermott.

Written by Hugh Walpole.