Police drama by Amelia Bullmore.

Series 1, DCI Sue Craven’s new job starts with a new partner, DS Watende Robinson, and a burnt-out corpse. But before the day is out her secret past starts to become a professional problem that isn’t going to go away.

Series 2 of Amelia Bullmore’s Police Drama ‘Craven’, starring Maxine Peake as Sue Craven returns to Radio 4.

As impending cuts threaten the staff of the Greater Manchester Police Murder Investigation Team, a case involving dangerous dogs and legal drugs piques DCI Craven’s interest.

Her boss, DCI Price (James Quinn) warns Craven to concentrate on the bigger stories that might just save the staff, but Craven has other plans and dog loving Terry Bird, (David Crellin) puts old grievances aside to take on the case.

Craven is determined to prove that the dog bite murder of a homeless man, is part of a new wave of organised crime and the ‘legal’ drugs on sale at the Pet Shop is somehow linked. Her Boss DI Price has other plans and with DS Watende Robinson afraid of dogs, bending the rules won’t be easy.

Series 3, The police drama by Amelia Bullmore, starring Maxine Peake, returns for a new series – with a strange case that is set to get more bizarre as the week unfolds.

“You have to be careful of the bizarre, because one man’s odd is another man’s system.”

The episode begins when the body is found of a strangled man, with a missing finger and an extra front tooth. For Craven, alarm bells ring and she suspects the trade mark maiming of criminal mastermind Tony Lau.
The trail leads the team to a domestic address that has been converted into a cannabis factory.

This popular series is created by an all female production crew in Manchester and stars Maxine Peake as DCI Sue Craven.

Series 4 A teenager’s body is found hanging in a wood. DCI Craven investigates, but also has problems closer to home. With Maxine Peake.

Craven Family Man

Created and Written by Amelia Bullmore
A Red Production Produced by Savvy Productions

The Crime Drama series Craven returns for a 6th series starring Maxine Peake as DCI Craven.

“Right. I have to tell this one. You won’t want to hear it but don’t shrink away. We’d all like to. I’d read about similar cases of course but I’d never worked on one. You’d have to be a pretty stupid police officer not to wonder if one will come your way. It came our way two days before Christmas. A man killed his children. We knew who, very early on. This isn’t about that. It’s about why.”