With their twins away at school, Felicity tries to recapture some romantic bliss with husband Paul. Stars Moira Lister and Terence Alexander.

  1. Getting to Know You – Felicity Willow is feeling sad that her 13 year-old twin boys have gone away to boarding school, so instead decides to devote her energies to getting closer to husband Paul once more… .
  2. Together Again – Felicity decides it’s time that she and husband Paul do more together.
  3. Love Thy Neighbour – Felicity decides it’s time she meddled in the marriage of chums Diana and Dickie.
  4. The Lost Weekend – Ahead of a trip to Brighton, Felicity gets an unexpected cash windfall.
  5. All In A Good Cause – Felicity Willow decides to raise money for single mothers by staging a rhyming pantomime at her local church hall. Rehearsals go from bad to worse.
  6. The Cost of Living – Times are tough, but can Felicity and Paul Willow do without their Nanny..?

Staring Moira Lister and Terence Alexander.
Written by Ray Cooney and John Chapman.
Felicity Willow …. Moira Lister
Paul Willow ….Terence Alexander
Nanny …. Doris Hare
Marigold Foskett …. Jo Kendall
the Boutique Owner …. Ray Cooney
Mr Foskett … John Chapman
Producer: David Hatch

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in December 1971.