Award-winning comedian and Hypothetical host James Acaster presents the remarkable results of his research

You may know him from his Netflix series Repertoire, his podcasts Off Menu or James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds, but before all of that James Acaster was one of the top researchers working in the UK today. In these five shows, he probes deeply into a variety of subjects – and shares his eye-opening conclusions. Accompanied by agreeable assistant Nathaniel Metcalfe (Fresh From the Fringe) and Donna from the Complaints Department (Call the Midwife’s Bryony Hannah) he tackles the big questions on the topics of Bread, Wood, Fruit, Wheels and Paint.

Pilot show ‘Bread’ reveals why the French struggle to come up with a snappy slogan to advertise brioche. Plus, we learn why the bagel is so trendy, and discover the hidden anti-bread propaganda pushed at children through the medium of fairytales.

In ‘Wood’, James goes to a lumberjack optician to find out if they can see the wood for the trees, experiments with toothpicks and termites, and investigates the difference