A series of fast-paced mini-adventures written by and starring Anna Emerson, Lizzie Bates and Catriona Knox, known collectively as The Boom Jennies.

Prompted by the pine-fresh fragrance of zoo keeper Amelia’s new perfume, adventure journalist Jane is reminded of a story her uncle Norman once told her about a rare midnight orchid found only in the Guatemalan jungle. This is no ordinary flower, but one that gives off a scent with such aphrodisiac properties it makes the person wielding it utterly irresistible.

That’s more than enough to convince perennial singleton Lucy that it is high time they all headed to South America. There follows a roller coaster ride of an adventure taking in waterfalls, crocodiles and a gang of ruthless drug smugglers. But our heroes remain unbowed.

Each and every challenge thrown at them is met head-on with courage, determination and deeply inappropriate footwear.

Jane Roberts’ (Catriona Knox) career in journalism has stalled. Wanting a high-profile, hard-hitting crime column in which she revives and then solves long since given-up-on cold cases, all she gets offered is the chance to review a spa in the Himalayas for a minor fitness magazine.

Lucy (Lizzie Bates) is delighted and desperate to come along in order to lose weight for her forthcoming school reunion. Amelia (Anna Emerson) is in too, as she is desperate to see a real life tiger in the wild. So a reluctant Jane and her excited companions head for India and find themselves in a yoga class.

Inevitably Lucy falls heavily and inappropriately in love with their highly bendy instructor and tries to get him to notice her by noisily running through a series of stretches directly in his eye-line. Jane is also intrigued by him too. She recognises him from somewhere. When all this attention spooks the instructor, he makes a run for it and the team set off in hot pursuit – a pursuit which will see them journey on trains, in a rickshaw and into an extremely close encounter with a fully grown tiger.

Written by Anna Emerson, Lizzie Bates and Catriona Knox
Audio production by Matt Katz