The files of six murder cases are reopened to examine possible miscarriages of justice.

1: A Dangerous Reputation. In May 1947, after a robbery at a jeweller’s shop, a passer-by was shot and killed while trying to foil the thieves. The police arrested Henry Jenkins and charged him with murder.

2: The Clapham Common Murder. In January 1911, a body found in south London leads the police to the murky underworld of the East End.

3: The Good Friend. Written by Rib Davis. An intruder is spotted at the home of a countess.

4: A Second Chance. When a Liverpool cinema is raided in 1950 a cashier is shot dead.

5: Breaker of My Shackles. Following the murder of an elderly woman in Glasgow, 1908, police charged Oscar Slater , a foreigner, with the crime.

6: Last of the series which reopens the files of murder cases to examine possible miscarriages of justice. The Case of Lock Ah Tam.

This was a short lived but excellent series from 1996