Tony Brandon stars as Wally, who aims to add some culture into his life

1: Just The Way You Are – Wally Thornton reckons it’s time to ditch his old mates for more cultural pursuits.

2: The Whiz Kid – “I should have gone into big business years ago Eric. This is going to be a new era for me. No more fishing around in the pedal bin for used teabags. I’ll be able to employ people to do that for me.” Can Wally Thornton convince his pals that his business ideas are more than just pipe dreams?

3: I Want to Be in Movies – “Hobnobbing it with the rich and famous. I’m definitely moving up in the world. Who’d have dreamt that one day I’d be drinking in a bar where they let you have peanuts for nothing?”. Can Wally Thornton turn his dreams of screen stardom into reality?

4: The Painting – “Good Grief. There’s all my old love letters in there. Listen to this one: “My dearest darling. I will kill myself if you won’t see me on Tuesday. I adore you, I want you. Little Petal Wettikins.” You know Eric, I often wonder why I never posted them…” After his Uncle Ben’s funeral, Wally Thornton unearths some hidden treasures.

5: All I Want for Christmas – “‘Course I can eat, Eric. It’s only a spot of toothache. Of course, I can eat, providing I mash everything up and put it through the blender! I can manage quite a few spoonfuls through a straw, as long as I don’t swallow, and just sort of let it slide down…”Wally’s stalling on seeing the dentist. He couldn’t be scared, surely?

Starring Tony Brandon as Wally. With Chris Ellison, John Jardine, Nick Maloney and Rosalind Knight.

Tony Brandon’s BBC career was mainly as a disc-jockey for Radio 1 and 2 from 1967-1982, but as an actor, he also recorded the comedy series ‘The Family Brandon’ and ‘Wally Who?’.