The complete series of the BBC Radio 2 family sitcom written by and starring Irish comedian Jason Byrne and co-starring Pauline McLynn, Lucy Montgomery, Dominic Applewhite, Dermot Crowley and Michael Smiley.

Tom (played by Jason) starts a new life as a house husband looking after the kids and doing a few domestic chores. What could be simpler? Things, however, don’t go well for Tom and he is soon on the run from the law, with multiple problems, including some stolen dogs.

was a fast-paced 2012 radio sitcom written by & starring Jason Byrne as a disastrous house husband.
The series grew out of Dublin-born Byrne’s stand-up comedy as Byrne himself revealed the characters are all based on real-life people & “outrageous situations” he has found himself in as a “stay-at-home” Dad.
Byrne is known for improvisation & his typically unscripted live shows, making this series a rare foray into the comedian’s scripted comedy writing talents.
Byrne plays the stressed-out father Tom Whyte, with ‘Father Ted’ & ‘Shameless’ actress Pauline McLynn co-starring as wife Mary.
Playing Tom’s Long-suffering “old-school” Irish parents are Lucy Montgomery & Dermot Crowley as Elaine & Pat.
Rounding out the family is a serious 16-year-old son, (Dylan) played by Dominic Applewhite.
Domestic situations unravel all around Tom Whyte with the unsolicited assistance of the family friend & barman, “Roddy” (played by Michael Smiley) who turns up at the oddest of times!