A sitcom set in the offices of a broadsheet newspaper that’s struggling to keep up with both the print and online output. Series 1 starred Robert Lindsay and Series 2 stars John Sessions.

Electric Ink follows a group of dysfunctional journalists as they attempt to cover major news stories while grappling with the demands of working in a multi-platform environment; watching circulation figures plummet; and seeing half the workforce laid-off in the recession.

At the heart of the comedy is the relationship between Maddox Bradley, a journalist who mourns the days of proper investigative journalism, and Freddy, the online editor, who will regurgitate a press release quite happily and call it a story. But they have a grudging respect for each other, as Freddy helps Maddox stay afloat in the world of Twitter, Facebook and podcasting – and Maddox shows Freddy how to sniff out the real story.

Both are at the mercy of Oliver, the pragmatic editor more concerned with keeping his job, and Carol, the news editor. Only Masha, the Russian head of online communities, knows Freddy’s secret – he is a posh boy from Eton rather than a über-cool kid from the street. Well, that’s what Freddy thinks, anyway…