Can Roger keep his home and life together while his wife is in hospital?

Roger is a writer of children’s books, and all he wants is a quiet life. But when his wife, Julia, has to stay in hospital, Roger has to deal with his own complications: his difficult mother-in-law, her companion, Otto, and pressures from the publisher about the work he may or may not be about to hand in. It should be easy enough for a grown man to cope at home alone, but no one wants to make it simple for him, whether it’s battles to get into Julia’s visiting hours or temptations Roger never expected to face at his ageā€¦

Written by Peter Tinniswood, who created plays for the National Theatre and the Bristol Old Vic, and whose radio work includes Tales from the Backbench, Tales from the Brigadier, Uncle Mort Adventures and Winston, this beautiful series touches on love, ambition, marriage and families, and stars Keith Barron (Where the Heart Is, Coronation Street) and Liz Goulding (I Didn’t Know You Cared, Winston), and is perfect for fans of Conversations from a Long Marriage.