Fictional drama set in a world undergoing pan-national upheaval and contagion, where there has never been such a need for an effective United Nations which will fight for the common good and to steer us away from danger.

Richard is head of the Oversight Committee, tasked with uncovering corruption in this vast multi-national organisation. This is a thorny subject and it is a job which wins Richard few friends within the UN hierarchy. But, as an on-the-ground fixer for 25 years, he has dealt with wars and warlords, and criminal and institutional corruption in the direst of circumstances.

He knows where the bodies are buried and he has more than a few of his own which must remain hidden, if he is to hold on to his hard fought but precarious position. But his hidden past is something which will haunt him every step he takes. And though Richard doesn’t yet know it, the steps he takes will very gradually lead him to the top. And the top in this building is the 38th Floor, the office of the Secretary General of the UN.

And so when one beautiful clear-blue morning, a man named Fazal inveigles his way into his office with information that Pakistan has covertly moved three nuclear warheads into Saudi territory, Richard should know to be extra cautious and simply call Security. He has his career and the lives of his wife and children to consider. But this was never Richard’s way and Fazal’s visit triggers a series of unintended events which will change his life forever, and not always for the better.

Who is this stranger? Is he real or is he a stooge? Can what he is saying be true?