Nicknamed ‘Tinsel Girl’ by her best friend Lisa because of her sparkly view of life, Maz is an eternal optimist. But having just turned 30, she’s all too aware that not only is she single, but also disabled. Her degenerative disease means she now has to use a motorised wheelchair, which isn’t exactly the sexiest accessory a girl can have….

In ‘Tinsel Girl’, the prospect of finding a partner through the minefield of online dating makes Maz reassess her situation and other people’s perceptions of her. Can a man really find a woman in a wheelchair attractive?

‘Tinsel Girl and the Tropical Trip’ finds Maz preparing for her first holiday abroad as a wheelchair user, as she heads to the Seychelles to be maid of honour at Lisa’s wedding. But she is broke, unemployed and apprehensive – can she raise the money for her trip and is she up to the challenge?

In ‘Tinsel Girl and the Big Reunion’, Maz makes a startling discovery about flatmate Rachel, leading her to move out and plan a fresh start with new friend Verity. But is ditching Rachel really the best move?

‘Tinsel Girl and the Support Worker’ sees Maz struggling to come to terms with needing a carer: can she find a way to make it work with Hayley?

And in ‘Tinsel Girl and the Pain Clinic’, Maz hits rock bottom and reluctantly checks into a pain clinic. As she embarks on an adventure and finds friendship, she discovers that if she wants to change other people’s outlooks, she must first change her own….

and the Problem Parent. Maz has finally found her vocation running a community centre. She’s even got funding for a new youth theatre show – things are going great. Until her Dad shows up, and decides he wants to be part of her life again. As Maz navigates a tricky parental relationship in her youth theatre group, she begins to question her own upbringing. Will she ever find a peaceful reconciliation with her own father?

Starring Cherylee Houston (Coronation Street), Tinsel Girl is inspired by her own experiences and adapted from her diaries by Lou Ramsden.