Mixing parody, mockery, farce, satire, verse, pastiche, spoonerism, phonetics, social observation and nonsense, This Is Craig Brown brings the very best of Craig’s inspired humour to Radio 4.

The stellar cast includes Rory Bremner, Harry Enfield along with Radio 4’s own Charlotte Green and John Humphrys.

From steamy first-hand accounts by the five most distinguished people never to have had sex with Marilyn Monroe to parodies of the Queen and Tony Benn, from Barry Norman’s interview with Daffy Duck to The Complete Works of William Shakespeare for telephone, This Is Craig Brown is a hilarious selection of work by the writer recently named by Vanity Fair as Britain’s foremost satirist.

There is also thoughtful comment from Brown’s ever-popular alter egos Bel Littlejohn and Wallace Arnold, plus contributions from such absurd characters as Terence Conran, Andy Warhol and John Humphrys as he interviews a Home Office minister about a storm in a teacup.

Plundering from his vast back catalogue of diaries, parodies and general silliness from Private Eye and The Telegraph, the show is a mixture of monologues, dramatisations, verse and other bits. Music segues through the show, linking the different material. The style of the series is Chris Morris’ Blue Jam meets Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads.