Award-winning comedian-author-adventurer Tim FitzHigham recreates a series of bizarre bets from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Award-winning comedian-author-adventurer, Tim FitzHigham and his nemesis Alex Horne recreate a bizarre bet which was originally wagered by the 4th Duke of Queensbury in 1753.

The bet: that Tim can pass a missive over a distance of 50 miles in one hour, using only the means that would have been available to a gentleman in 1753. Can he walk from London’s Royal Academy to the Royal Exchange building while blindfolded in under one hour? Can his pig (Gwladys) cross a bridge quicker than a waterman can row the width of the river beneath? Can he cook a pudding ten feet under water? Can Tim ride a horse from London to Dover and back before Alex makes 1 million dots on a piece of paper?