Country singer Wilson Dixon moseys on down to the Maida Vale Studios for the first of four programmes introduced by devotee Johnnie Walker. It’s a mixture of songs and homespun philosophy that ranges from the delightfully silly to the downright surreal. He’s a likeable kinda guy who reserves his only mean words for fellow country artist Billy Ray Cyrus: “you can’t trust a man with two haircuts at the same time”. Along with stories about his family, Wilson’s humour comes from the culture clashes that occur when a simple man born and raised in Cripple Creek, Colorado, embarks on a journey to foreign lands: “I went to Brixton and a man tried to sell me a skunk, but I’ve already got a raccoon back home.” I don’t think Wilson Dickson is going to be a stranger in a strange land for long.

1 Words of Wisdom

Radio plays host to legendary outlaw country singer Wilson Dixon, born and raised in Cripple Creek, Colorado, as he descends on London for a string of rare performances singing songs from his first album “Wilson Dixon’s Greatest Hits”, his acclaimed second album “Introducing Wilson Dixon” and his album of love songs “I Love You But I Also Want To Hurt You.”

In this four-part series, an affectionate tribute to the philosophy of traditional country music, Wilson expounds his viewpoints on life, love and relationships through dry, observational songs and anecdotes delivered with a deadpan, surreal edge. Wilson’s sharp observations on everyday life are juxtaposed with his laid back country delivery and draw the audience into his surreal redneck world full of larger than life characters and situations.

The series will comprise of four “live” sessions, captured when Wilson was in London as part of a UK tour. In episode one, ‘Words Of Wisdom’, Wilson talks about the world, and shares his observations of society and the differences between the UK and Cripple Creek. He recounts some of his experiences from his travels, his interactions with people and places, and offers his unique advice on how to live life.

Wilson Dixon is the creation of Jesse Griffin; award winning comedian, actor and founding member of acclaimed comedy trio The 4 Noels. Since his creation, Wilson Dixon has performed extensively around Australia and New Zealand as well as headlining around the UK comedy circuit. Jesse’s other acting credits include Peter Jackson’s ‘Heavenly Creatures’ and the drama/comedy series ‘Last Man Standing’. As a member of The 4 Noels, he has won best comedy awards at Melbourne and Wellington Fringe festivals.

“Dixon’s deadpan patter is gut-bustingly funny, but it’s his beautifully crafted songs that really impress. One of the finest bits of character comedy you’ll find on the Fringe.” **** The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe 2008

“with the sort of nuanced performance and subtle humour that have already made cult stars of Flight Of The Conchords. Don’t be surprised if he follows in their wake…Brilliantly oddball …a cult is born” Chortle May 2008.

2 Sweet Home Colorado

In episode two, Sweet Home Colorado, Wilson talks about the country scene, his hometown, Cripple Creek, Colorado, and America in general. He reminisces about his isolated childhood, the people in his dysfunctional family, and the local characters that shaped his upbringing.

3 When Love Comes to Town…and Then Leaves Again

In episode three, When Love Comes To Town…And Then Leaves Again, Wilson talks about love and affairs of the heart. Hard done by in love, he talks about his ex-wife Maureen, who pulled at Wilson’s heart like he pulls on his guitar strings. Hold onto your Stetson and get ready for the rocky ride of romance.

4 Uncle Wilbour’s Advice for Modern Living

In the final episode, Uncle Wilbour’s Advice for Modern Living, Wilson retells the story of how he split from his wife Maureen. The experience resulted in him heading into the mountains with his horse, Andrew, in order to get his life back together, with help from ageing hermit Uncle Wilbur.