The Limelight – for fiction and drama serials you won’t want to miss.

The System – A witty six-part thriller about a group of young radicals and the hunt for their leader by Ben Lewis. Starring Siena Kelly, Jack Rowan and Iain de Caestecker.

The House That Vanished – the true story of one man’s struggle to find out why his home on a remote Irish island disappeared.

Harland – Lucy Catherine’s supernatural thriller set in the new town of Harland, built on the site of a village abandoned 900 years earlier. DI Sarah Ward returns to work to investigate the disappearance of a child.

Steelheads – When a young British tennis pro, Joleen Kenzie (Jessica Barden), is diagnosed with a rare terminal illness, she has herself cryogenically frozen at an experimental lab in Seattle, in the hope that one day – perhaps hundreds of years into the future – there will be a cure and she can be revived. She wakes up to a world divided… and Joleen is now captive.

Seige – Everybody remembers the Siege, when for 24 hours the whole world was watching a small South London branch of a global supermarket chain. You’ve seen the news, the crazy conspiracy blogs and Naomi’s infamous Snap. Now for the first time the hostages tell the inside story of what really happened on those two dark days in December.

Who is Aldrich Kemp? – With a stellar cast, headed by Phoebe Fox, alongside Nicola Walker, Tim McInnery, Ferdinand Kingsley and Kyle Soller, we are back in Julian Simpson’s imagination – this time trying to find out just Who Is Aldrich Kemp? On a heightened and fun journey, which takes us to glamourous and sometimes improbable locations, we encounter Euro-villains and murderous housekeepers.

Dead Hand – Greg is the host of a true crime podcast dedicated to uncovering the identity of a serial killer, last active over twenty years ago, known only as Dead Hand. A killer named after a mysterious radio transmission which has been broadcasting an indecipherable code in the years since Dead Hand vanished. A code told in the voices of Dead Hand’s victims; including Greg’s missing father. However, when a new voice is added to the code, Greg realises that Dead Hand is active again. With time already running out, can he finally crack the code and catch the killer?

The System – Series 2 – Five of the UK’s richest men have been kidnapped, so the only two people with insider knowledge of the terrorists are about to be pulled back into the murky world of ‘The System’.