The Limelight – for fiction and drama serials you won’t want to miss.

The System – A witty six-part thriller about a group of young radicals and the hunt for their leader by Ben Lewis. Starring Siena Kelly, Jack Rowan and Iain de Caestecker.

The House That Vanished – the true story of one man’s struggle to find out why his home on a remote Irish island disappeared.

Harland – Lucy Catherine’s supernatural thriller set in the new town of Harland, built on the site of a village abandoned 900 years earlier. DI Sarah Ward returns to work to investigate the disappearance of a child.

Steelheads – When a young British tennis pro, Joleen Kenzie (Jessica Barden), is diagnosed with a rare terminal illness, she has herself cryogenically frozen at an experimental lab in Seattle, in the hope that one day – perhaps hundreds of years into the future – there will be a cure and she can be revived. She wakes up to a world divided… and Joleen is now captive.

Seige – Everybody remembers the Siege, when for 24 hours the whole world was watching a small South London branch of a global supermarket chain. You’ve seen the news, the crazy conspiracy blogs and Naomi’s infamous Snap. Now for the first time the hostages tell the inside story of what really happened on those two dark days in December.

Who is Aldrich Kemp? – With a stellar cast, headed by Phoebe Fox, alongside Nicola Walker, Tim McInnery, Ferdinand Kingsley and Kyle Soller, we are back in Julian Simpson’s imagination – this time trying to find out just Who Is Aldrich Kemp? On a heightened and fun journey, which takes us to glamourous and sometimes improbable locations, we encounter Euro-villains and murderous housekeepers.

Dead Hand – Greg is the host of a true crime podcast dedicated to uncovering the identity of a serial killer, last active over twenty years ago, known only as Dead Hand. A killer named after a mysterious radio transmission which has been broadcasting an indecipherable code in the years since Dead Hand vanished. A code told in the voices of Dead Hand’s victims; including Greg’s missing father. However, when a new voice is added to the code, Greg realises that Dead Hand is active again. With time already running out, can he finally crack the code and catch the killer?

The System – Series 2 – Five of the UK’s richest men have been kidnapped, so the only two people with insider knowledge of the terrorists are about to be pulled back into the murky world of ‘The System’.

English Rose – Rose has left Whitby to work as a nanny for a wealthy family in New York. She’s a beauty with a passionate temper and a taste for bloody revenge. She’s perfect for baby Gulliver.

Exemplar – A modern-day thriller set in the north east of England. Starring Gina McKee as Jess, a lone wolf scientist with a troubled past whose passion for sound makes her the UK’s leading audio forensic examiner. Together with her new trainee, Maya, she undertakes a different sound challenge in every episode.

One Five Seven Years – Imagine you could live for two lifetimes. Would you want to? How would it change you and those you love? What would you do with all those extra years? What second chances might you get? Would this be a blessing or a curse? This world is an alternative version of our own. Except in this world, a minority of people are discovered to have Extended Life Syndrome (ELS). The condition might give an “Elser” two decades in their thirties, two in their forties, double the time in their fifties, and so on. Little is understood of the biological factors that govern ELS except that it affects a random selection of people. It is the ultimate lottery of genetics, crossing class, race, culture and gender. And if a simple test existed to check your DNA for this double life, would you take it? Would you want to know? Now think again. Would you?

Harland – Lucy Catherine’s supernatural thriller returns to the new town of Harland. 16 months have passed and no trace has been found of Detective Inspector Sarah Ward. She was last seen disappearing into the brooding sinkhole that swallowed a housing estate. Tyger Drew Honey stars as Dan, the lowly CCTV operative determined to solve the mystery.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Firewall – A thrilling landmark adaptation set in Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell universe. Veteran Fourth Echelon agent Sam Fisher has a new mission recruiting and training the next generation of Splinter Cell operatives for the National Security Agency’s covert action division. But when a lethal assassin from Fisher’s past returns from the dead on a mission of murder, he is thrust into a race against time as a sinister threat to global security is revealed.

The Incident at Ong’s Hat – Ong’s Hat is rumoured to have once been the site of a gateway to another dimension. After meeting on a forum devoted to the urban legend, yoga instructor Sarah Larsen, and schoolteacher Charlie Brill, go on a road trip to the New Jersey Pine Barrens where a group of renegade Princeton professors had once conducted quantum physics and chaos theory experiments to discover a new theory for dimensional travel. When Sarah disappears, Charlie finds himself at the center of a mystery.

Galapagos – In 2025, Galapagos is an exciting new development in AI data manipulation. And Bryony is determined to use it to advance her career. But as soon as she presses the red button, she finds herself pulled along by forces she’s not entirely in control of. Thriller about big tech, data manipulation and the undermining of democracy, by Simon Scardifield and Andrew Day

Who Killed Aldrich Kemp? – Our heroine Clara Page (Phoebe Fox) returns. And this time the question’s deadly serious – Who Killed Aldrich Kemp? Prepare for another rollercoaster ride from the pen of Julian Simpson, flying us from the Italian Riviera to the Malaysian jungle – via afternoon tea at Themis House.

An Eye for a Killing – Welcome to hell. The true story of Scotland’s notorious serial killers, Burke and Hare. On Christmas Eve in 1828, William Burke is on trial for murder at the High Court in Edinburgh. He’s accused of killing an old woman, Madgy Docherty. In the witness box is his accuser – William Hare – who is Burke’s accomplice in 16 murders. What started these two former canal labourers on a mass killing spree? In 1828, Edinburgh is a world-leading centre of medical training and dissection. The anatomists need cadavers on which to demonstrate and practice – but the supply of bodies from hospitals and prisons isn’t enough to meet the demand. Burke and Hare discover they can earn £10 by selling a dead body and decide they will lure victims to their lodging house and murder them.

Bitter Pill – After a traumatic car crash, Mary joins a clinical drug trial that promises a cure for PTSD. The medication triggers intense flashbacks of the accident that left her fiancée comatose. But is Mary simply remembering the event, or reliving it? And if she is actually returning to the past, does that mean she can change her future?

There’s Something I Need to Tell You – After agreeing to help a mysterious stranger, young couple Jake and Kayla are implicated in an assassination at their hotel. They find themselves plunged into a deadly game of political score-settling that spans the world and from which they must run to survive. A global thriller of espionage, money and murder.

The System S3 – Five Methods for Overcoming Mortality. Ben Lewis’ award-winning propulsive thriller returns for a third and final season. When an immersive online game spills into the real world, siblings Maya and Jake find themselves pulled into a fight for survival. For them. And for us.

Harland – Lucy Catherine’s supernatural thriller returns to Harland, the new town haunted by its bloody past. Six weeks have passed and Dan is under house arrest, suspected of murder, arson and abducting a baby. His search for missing police detective Sarah Ward and the answer to the mystery of the Hare Witches seems to be at an end.

Spores – A psychological horror story set in rural Wales amid the mysterious world of mycelium. When social worker Cassie discovers mould in the flat of a vulnerable service user she puts it down to poor quality housing. But then she discovers it in her own house and begins to fear for the safety of her family. For partner Morgan and young son Bryn, it’s not the mould that troubles them but Cassie’s mental health. As the fungus continues to grow and spread, Cassie resorts to more extreme measures to combat it. But why will no one listen to her when she warns of danger? The appearance of a mysterious Polish girl adds fuel to the friction within the family. In Greek mythology, Cassandra was condemned to speak the truth yet never be believed. A story of trust and what happens when we lose it. And of a hidden threat attacking the very thing that makes us powerful.

English Rose – Rose has made a fresh start in the City of Angels and life feels good. But she can’t ignore the past, and now it’s starting to bite. Her ex-boss Maya is loving never getting older and has Rose to thank for that. Maya has big plans for a ‘rejuvenation’ spa in the California hills, but Rose suspects all is not what it seems. On top of that she’s worried that someone, or something, is trying to send her telepathic messages. But are they to warn her, or frighten her? Stylish and surprising fantasy horror with a comic twist, starring Alexandra Mardell (Coronation Street) and Demetri Goritsas (Ten Percent). With music by Dana Margolin and Sam Yardley of Mercury-nominated band, Porridge Radio. Helen Cross wrote ‘My Summer of Love’ which won a Betty Trask award and was made into a Bafta-winning film with Emily Blunt (recently rated her best film in The Guardian top ten Emily Blunt films). Mary Ward-Lowery won Best Director in 2020 Audio Drama Awards.

Cobalt – Maita goes to see her dad for her birthday, but he’s not in…and there’s something strange about his flat. When she goes to look for him down the docks where he works, she discovers there is more than just her dad that has gone missing.

Sabine – Elly’s been staying in Sabine’s flat to pack up her things. But after finding some surprising evidence in her sister’s room, Elly’s desperate to find out who ‘F’ is. When Sabine’s body is found beneath the cliffs in an apparent suicide, her sister Elly is convinced she was murdered. Elly’s hunt for the killer takes her deep into the secret life in Brighton her sister kept hidden. Sabine is a new five-part murder mystery by Mark Healy.

Love and Other Lies – When an online flirtation turns bad, Josie goes from being titillated to terrified. Her dream of romance turning into the nightmare of sextortion. Soon she is embroiled in a web of deceit which can barely hold together her suburban life. A rollercoaster of a comic thriller.

Silos – ‘Take a deep sleep vacation. No work, no stress. Guaranteed sweet dreams.’ And a cure for the climate crisis too? Climate events have set mass human migration in motion. Radical forms of governance and flawed technology strive to meet the challenges. Nat, a newly qualified lawyer in stasis law, must deal with the fallout. Award-winning writer Anita Sullivan’s new drama takes us to Lanza, a fictional island which could be anywhere – and everywhere. In the distant future – or maybe not that far off…

Money Gone – Valentine’s Day 2025. The UK awakes to financial catastrophe and no one can access any money. As the country descends into chaos, some see opportunity, but the powerful want to cling to the status quo. The fate of the country’s economy now lies in the hands of the UK’s Prime Minister who learns there’s more to what’s going on, but an issue with staff walk-outs presents her with a more pressing problem. Grace has picked the worst day to run away. She stops to help at an understaffed hospital as the Prime Minister tasks MI5 with identifying the cause of the financial chaos, but someone else thinks they’ve figured it all out – Ross sees opportunity as the country descends into anarchy.