In the throes of splitting up from her boyfriend, 29-year-old Charlotte is determined to prove she’s not as self-centred as he says she is. She signs up as a volunteer to visit the elderly, expecting to be paired with a frail and needy old lady who’s full of gratitude and appreciation for such a selfless act. Instead she meets 82-year-old Lillian, a belligerent and feisty old bat who sees through her in an instant.

Needless to say, they don’t get on – but Charlotte and Lillian’s conflicting outlooks on life belie a striking similarity in their personalities. Both are profoundly selfish, self-involved and stubborn; both are quietly curious about each other (though they’d never dream of admitting it); and both are lonely.

With every visit, their arguments grow more heated, the resolutions more uneasy and the outcomes more entertaining, as Charlotte and Lillian discover eye-opening truths about themselves and each other.