Sci-fi thriller. A man investigating earthquakes in Australia discovers that they are being caused by something sinister. Stars Clare Corbett and Matthew Dyktynski.

Episode 1 – Fields of Thunder – A series of quakes rock Australia. When Sam Rideout investigates, she stumbles into a nightmare of biblical proportions.

Episode 2 – Silent Roar – The enigmatic Colonel Walker persuades Sam and Joshua to help him in his deadly project.

Episode 3 – Dreamtime Is Over – Hoping to stop the quakes Sam and Joshua design a new cradle for the weapon. But their chances of success are being undermined.

Episode 4 – Blowback – Southern Australia has been devastated by an earthquake, and now Sam and Joshua have discovered that there is a spy on the base.

Episode 5 – Can You Hear That? – Walker plans to fire the Voice at Pine Gap, risking a global catastrophe. And Sam, Joshua and Nick are locked in the brig.