The Recall Man is a BBC radio drama series by David Napthine. It grew from a single Afternoon Play Doctor Joe Aston Investigates broadcast on 7 December 2001. This plus three new episodes were originally broadcast in 2003, and three more in 2005. It is a crime drama revolving around Dr. Joe Aston, a forensic psychologist who specializes in memory. A native of Middlesbrough, Aston returns to his home town for a six-month attachment to the local Police force. The series covers seven cases he investigates.

Series 1
Doctor Joe Aston Investigates — A laboratory researcher working in a clean room is suspected of strangling her boss. She has no memory of the death. Nobody else could possibly have been in the room.

Making Waves — A man returns to Middlesbrough and contacts the Police to tell them he remembers witnessing an old murder. Can his memory be trusted?

Over the Border — A taxi driver may have witnessed a gangland murder in the crime-ridden old part of town. Even if he can remember the killer’s face, will he want to?

Series 2:
Taken by Surprise — A financial adviser is abducted and only released when his employer pays the ransom. Joe resorts to unorthodox methods to secure a positive identification of the main suspect.

Can’t See for Looking — A witness to an arson attack thinks she saw a rhinoceros throwing a petrol bomb, and Joe tries to discover what she really saw.

Best Forgotten (by Steven Chambers) — Joe uncovers some information about an unsolved robbery case in 1952 implicating Joe’s elderly uncle Tom and his friend.