BBC Radio 4 comedy sketch show written mainly by Andrew Marshall and David Renwick, starring Chris Emmett, Fred Harris, Jo Kendal, Nigel Rees and Denise Coffey, broadcast in 47 episodes (or Lessons) from 1976 to 1980 (following the 2 pilot shows broadcast on Radio 3 in 1975 as The Half Open University), and later reincarnated on television as End Of Part One broadcast on ITV from 1979 to 1980.

Join Alex and Ben in their weird twist on the double-act sketch show. Strap in for a 15 minute delve in to a world of oddness performed in front of a live studio audience.

The Pin are an award-winning comedy duo, and legends of Edinburgh festival. They deconstruct the sketch form, in a show that exists somewhere between razor-sharp smartness and utterly joyous silliness, with a unique brand of self-reflexive comedy. Performed in front of a live studio audience, their sketches exist somewhere between razor-sharp smartness and joyous silliness. Expect sketches, commentary on the sketches, subtext, rewinds and replays until the line between the performance and critique blurs to hilarious effect.

After a sold-out run in Edinburgh, and a string of hilarious performances across BBC Radio 4 Extra, BBC 3, Channel 4, and Comedy Central, this is The Pin’s debut solo show for Radio 4. Join them as they celebrate, make, collapse and rebuild their jokes, each other, and probably the radio too.

For fans of Adam and Joe, Vic and Bob, and Fist of Fun – a show of absurd offerings from two loveable idiots.

‘Reinventing sketch comedy before our very eyes.’ * The List
‘Eviscerating their chosen form completely.’ * The Sunday Times
‘A very classy, very funny show indeed.’ * The Telegraph
‘Adept at finding laughs in surprising places.’ * The Times
‘A genuine boundary pusher.’ * London is Funny.