It all begins with the end – the end of the world – almost.

It happens during a night of brilliant green flashes – meteors? Perhaps – or satellite weapons. Who can say?

Survivor, Bill Masen recalls how the world was plunged into darkness with the dawning monstrous horror of ambulant plant life…

First published in 1951, John Wyndham’s classic sci-fi novel dramatised in six parts by Giles Cooper. ‘London was a city of the blind, the capital of a blind country in a blind world.’ Bill Masen finds a new companion, but can they survive the chaos of their surroundings? There’s a light… someone’s trying to get the sighted people together – we’re not alone!’ Bill and Josella join an army-led group, but their plans for a new community falter… ‘How am I supposed to find supplies like this – chained to a lot of blind men?’ Bill is forced to help a group of blind survivors. Will he ever find Josella, again? ‘The utter loneliness was beginning to get on my nerves.’ Killer plants are on the rampage across the countryside. Bill sets-off in search of Josella but finds a new companion… Bill and Josella are offered hope, but yet another obstacle is put in their way… Conclusion of John Wyndham’s classic sci-fi novel dramatised by Giles Cooper.

Gary Watson …. Bill Masen
Freda Dowie …. Elspeth
Barbara Shelley …. Josella
Garard Green …. Umberto Palanguez
Ralph Truman …. Managing Director
Michael Deacon …. Young Bill
Peter Pratt …. Mr. Masen
Peter Baldwin …. Walter Lucknor
Jan Edwards …. Nurse
Rolf Lefebvre …. House Surgeon
Haydn Jones …. Publican
John Pullen …. Radio Commentator

This compelling tale has been made into a film, two television series and three radio versions.