Sci-fi comedy series based on the short stories of Robert Sheckley. Two planetary decontaminationists accidentally cause the Earth to melt

Set in the year 2150, Arnold and Gregor work as planetary decontaminationists via their own firm, AAA Ace Eco-Friendly Interplantary Decomtamination. Their job is to clean up polluted planets and to make them habitable for humans. One such place is Planet Party, where several people have died when they landed there. With a big cash award given to anyone who can clean it up, it looks like Arnold and Gregor might do the deadly job.

However, they soon get sidetracked by an alien music box which contains a strangle liquid which dissolves anything it touches. It is not long before the 87th floor of a skyscraper in Streatham starts to melt, followed by London, and soon the entire Earth.

According to the song in the music box, the only thing that can stop the melting is something called “The Laxian Key”.