10 Freakish stories to make your spine tingle from 2007

A Fare to Remember – Episode 1 of 10 – When London cabbie Tony picks up a fare, the journey takes him a bit too close to home. Dan Muirden’s drama stars John Cummins.

Absolute Silence – Episode 2 of 10 – After years of silence, Josh regains his hearing. But does it answer all his prayers? Ed Harris’ drama stars Anthony Glennon.

Eat Your Heart Out – Episode 3 of 10 – A Rap contest at the Piranha nightclub is overshadowed by the violent murder of the favourite.

The Boy Who Cried Woof – Episode 4 of 10 – He only wanted his dad to come and see him in the school play. He didn’t expect an encounter with aliens and a trip into space.

The Blue Room – Episode 5 of 10 – A secret corner of the girls’ lavs provides a hideout for bullies Carol and Pam, but the Blue Room has a dark secret.

By the Light of the Moon – Episode 6 of 10 – Solomon’s waiting in a restaurant. He’s planned a very special evening, but his guest isn’t quite what he expected.

Falling to Pieces – Episode 7 of 10 – Mel’s got man trouble, and when she literally starts to fall apart, it’s up to big sister Kate to put her back together.

Inner Critic – Episode 8 of 10 – There’s a spiteful wee voice in Danni’s ear crushing her spirit. Imaginary or real, can she get rid of her vicious inner critic?

Meatballs Are Murder – Episode 9 of 10 – Sol is used to waking up in strange flats after all night parties, but they’re not usually as well furnished as this one.

The Cupboard Beneath the Stairs – Episode 10 of 10 – Four friends re-stage a 60s moon-shot in a Farnborough semi. It’s space travel, Jim, but not as we know it.