Peter and Jamie Thomson’s fantasy adventures of a student wizard, starring Trevor Peacock.

Episode 1 – A menacing assignment awaits student sorcerer Arcos. Peter and Jamie Thomson’s fantasy adventure, starring Trevor Peacock.

Episode 2 – Novice sorcerer Arcos is appalled by Kaddah’s behaviour. Alviza is attacked mentally.

Episode 3 – Shaznir calls on the power of the Deadlands, while Arcos meets a strange Brotherhood.

Episode 4 – One word is the key to the Grimoire. But is Arcos able to harness its magical power?

Episode 5 – Young novice sorcerer Arcos learns an unpalatable truth about his father from Kaddah.

Episode 6 – Is Shazir the real enemy? Can Arcos and his hero friends escape the Palace of Memory?