A lawyer faces bankruptcy and murder is looming. David Ashton stars in Edward Boyd’s thriller serial in six-parts. From 1984.

  1. Bankrupt – A small town in Galloway, on the South-west coast of Scotland. A cottage mysteriously unchanged since 1941. A dead nurse. And lawyer Peter Calman with one million pounds in his bank account, and no idea how it got there.
  2. Hit and Run – Nurse Nicolson lies dead in the mortuary. Suspicion lies on lawyer Peter Calman. And someone is lying through their teeth…
  3. The Cottage – Can lawyer Peter Calman discover who wrecked his office and what his new German client really wants?
  4. The Hermit – Old Hansford has died and Tim Leighton has disappeared. Dr Webber has a suspicious suntan. Hardly the time, you would think, for lawyer Peter Calman to go poaching at Dungrennan Bay..
  5. Dungrennan Bay – Lawyer Peter Caiman takes the path to moonlit Dungrennan Bay, but his investigation is hampered when he runs into police superintendent Bullivant.
  6. Back to the Cave – Lawyer Peter Calman finds out more about the mysterious Scholl and faces a final showdown with Bullivant. And then he makes a vital discovery…

Edward Boyd’s thriller starring David Ashton..