Six-part sitcom by Meera Syal about East London’s premier Asian community radio station.

Sanjeev Bhaskar, Nitin Sawhney, Meera Syal and Nina Wadia star in the Asian radio station comedy.

Episode 1 – Owner, Mr Krishna, wants to make some changes and everyone’s scared, except for visiting Bollywood celebrity Johnny ‘Muscles’ Patel…

Episode 2 – Is the London Asian radio station about to lose its star presenter? Maz Mazoo gets an offer from rival Radio Fun FM, while Madoona, the Asian Madonna is intent on making her mark on Masala FM. Shanta is sick of the pair of them.

Episode 3 – When one of Auntieji’s disgruntled listeners decides to take matters in to his own hands, Khalid may be the only one who can save the station.

Episode 4 – The station is only attracting Z-list Asian celebrities, but then a top ‘royal’ phones in.

Episode 5 – When the Asian radio station’s boss gets religion, the on-air result is far from heavenly.

Episode 6 – It’s the Asian station phone-in show’s first wedding, but is love blind or stupid? Love is in the air at Masala FM as their first wedding resulting from Khalid’s matrimonial phone-in looms. But is love blind, or just stupid?