Gemma Arrowsmith has a sketch show on Radio 4! But will she be allowed to host it herself? Surely she’s not famous or important enough. Join her as she fights to host her own show – but it’s going to be difficult with all the celebrities who keep turning up and taking over…

Gemma Arrowsmith’s Sketched Out is crammed with sketches which answer Britain’s most pressing questions:

  • How many films in the Jane Austen cinematic universe will you watch?
  • Should we ban all toddlers?
  • Why has Susie Dent from Dictionary Corner been arrested?
  • Will you still have to pay off your student loan in the afterlife?
  • Who really is Banksy?

… plus an array of furious sketches about the cost of living crisis.

In the pilot episode – titled Gemma Arrowsmith: Emergency Broadcast – Gemma broadcast sketches and characters from the basement of Old Broadcasting House where she had been stuck since the nation went into lockdown. Her only companion was the ghost of Lord Reith (he might have been a figment of her imagination).