Nine gripping dramas featuring military consultant and war game creator Bradley Shoreham.

Ex-army officer Bradley Shoreham is a war game expert. As a soldier, he created a host of mock conflict exercises simulating various disasters – and now, as a civilian, he does it for a living. His scenarios may be fictional, but they’re authentic: and that’s exactly what the governments and corporations who employ him pay big money for. But as the participants are about to find out, his games can have real, deadly consequences….

In ‘Hearts and Minds’, Shoreham discovers how quickly the politics of his virtual world can spill out into the real world. ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ sees a team of British Special Forces tested to the limit when Troy goes to war with Sparta. And in ‘Terror’, an invitation to discuss the ways terrorists might attack London leaves Shoreham wondering just how hypothetical this particular consultation is….

‘Sacrifice’ finds Shoreham trying to convince an eminent scientist to take part in a scenario exploring a global pandemic outbreak. In ‘Ransomware’, he tests a City hedge fund’s cyber-security to the point of destruction, and in ‘Shadow’, he wreaks havoc as part of a safety drill on a North Sea oil rig.

‘The Futurist’ sees Shoreham summoned for an audience with a super-rich international financier – and embroiled in a dangerous game with far-reaching repercussions…. In ‘Hazard’, his divide-and-rule tactics provoke hostility during a stress test of the emergency services, and in ‘Alive’, his challenge to a flood-defence team’s strategy finds him dealing with the unexpected and forced to rewrite his game plan – while also facing down the powerful woman who wants him dead.

Written by Philip Palmer (Keeping the Wolf Out), these fantastic dramas star Tim Woodward as Bradley Shoreham, with casts including Don Gilet, Bill Paterson, Harriet Walter, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Christine Kavanagh and Sara Kestelman.