A quartet of classic Ealing comedy films, reimagined for BBC Radio

Between 1947 and 1957, Ealing Studios produced a series of immensely popular, darkly funny film comedies that made the West London borough famous throughout the world. Almost 50 years later, four of these timeless films were recreated for BBC Radio 4, and are now collected together for the first time.

The Ladykillers – Eccentric elderly widow Mrs Wilberforce unwittingly foils a gang of crooks lodging in her London house under the pretext they are a string quintet. Dramatised by award-winning playwright Bruce Bedford from the much-loved 1955 film, this captivating crime caper stars Edward Petherbridge, Donald Sinden, Margot Boyd, Johnny Morris and Stratford Johns.

Kind Hearts and Coronets – Disinherited by his snobbish aristocratic familly, Louis Mazzini sets out to gain his rightful place as a Duke by bumping off the other eight D’Ascoyne heirs who stand ahead of him. But then he is arrested for the one murder he didn’t commit… Michael Kitchen stars as Mazzini and Harry Enfield as the various members of the D’Ascoyne family in this brilliant dramatisation of the classic 1949 comedy film.

Passport to Pimlico – When an undetonated World War Two bomb accidentally goes off, the explosion reveals a cache of treasure – including an ancient treaty declaring that the residents of Pimlico are actually part of the Duchy of Burgundy… Adapted by acclaimed scriptwriter John Peacock from the evergreen 1949 film, this delightful drama stars George Cole, Louise Lombard and Sylvia Sims.

Whisky Galore – It is the middle of World War Two, and the residents of the Hebridean islands Great Todday and Little Todday are facing a whisky drought. Then a cargo ship bound for America runs aground carrying 50,000 cases – but can the islanders keep this unexpected bounty secret? Bernard Holley and Dolina MacLennan star in this witty dramatisation of Compton Mackenzie and Angus MacPhail’s 1949 film.