Matt Berry presents a series of his interviews with the greats of the stage, screen and music worlds.

Matt interviewed Uri Geller at his home in 1974 just as the self-proclaimed psychic’s star was on the rise.

Geller wasn’t keen at first, but eventually agreed and was very welcoming. He was becoming quite a global star back in the early 70s and there was much fascination, not to mention the odd sideways glance, at the very mention of his name.

Matt actually met him first on the dance floor of Tramp’s night club a year earlier but Geller said he had no memory of it. Not wanting to let such a snub deter Berry, he soldiered on and within this interview managed to get a real sense, of the real Uri Geller.

This time Matt Berry brings you his interview with musician, composer, producer and artist Brian Eno. Berry sat down with Brian Eno at the peak of his creativity back in October 1976 at a recording studio situated in the French countryside. Quite defensive from the outset, Eno did eventually thaw to give me quite an insight into the man, and more importantly, the artist.

Matt brings you his interview with Simon Callow – recorded in his tiny dressing at the top of London’s Ambassadors theatre in 1987 where he was starring in an adaptation of Jilly Cooper’s book ‘Riders’.

Simon is a true, true renaissance man. Such talents should always be cherished as their mere existence will inadvertently brighten any situation, or project they are involved with. Not only has he become a Goliath of the theatre but also of the written word. His works on Dickens, and Orson Welles are very highly regarded.

Matt brings you his interview with legendary comic actor and Carry on star Kenneth Williams in the vestry of Warwick Cathedral in 1979.

Ken was returning to Warwick to play a concert of organ music and allowed Berry an interview in between playing his favourite pieces.