Sophisticated metropolitan GP Marcia inherits a medical practice on the remote and windswept island of Paradise. Sitcom by Peter Kerry, starring Rebecca Front and Joan Sims.

Marcia leaves London when she inherits her uncle’s medical practice on the remote Paradise Island in Northumbria – with its Wind O’ Change pub and populace of slightly dodgy fisherman.

With submarine manoeuvres offshore and troubles with EEC fish quotas for the fishermen, Marcia tries to adjust to a quieter lifestyle.

And a man from the ministry man is snooping about…

Marcia joins in with local activities on the remote island, but Mrs Peevis isn’t happy with the new addition to her lifeboat team.

The annual festival of St Marcus brings a host of tourists to Paradise Island, but a mysterious illness threatens the torchlight parade.

Marcia decides to inject a little culture into Paradise and starts a film club.

But will French art triumph over Mad Max III? Probably not.

The discovery of an ancient relic brings pilgrims to Paradise, but Marcia is also praying for a miracle when errant boyfriend Clem pays a visit.

Rebecca Front and Joan Sims stars in Peter Kerry’s sitcom.