Spent is an isolated and rather odd town somewhere in the north. Its inhabitants are ferried around by Barbara, a taxi driver half way through his sex change, and served by Mr Ingleby, who brings a whole new meaning to the term small shopkeeper.

Welcome to where it all began… the fictional town of Spent, home to delightfully macabre creations of Mark Gatiss, Jeremy Dyson, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith.

Following the success of the award winning live show at the Edinburgh fringe, ‘On The Town With’ aired on BBC Radio 4 where we were first introduced to The Dentons, Barbara (a taxi driver half way through a sex change), and shopkeeper Mr Iingleby, going on to win a Sony award.

Murderously funny and acutely observed, The League of Gentlemen’s highly acclaimed brand of comedy shows human nature at its most extreme, and most hilarious.