The Dream Factory is the towering global monopoly which has been responsible for the manufacture and distribution of humanity’s hopes, fantasies and nightmares since the night before the dawn of time.

Due, presumably, to an admin error, The Dream Factory’s UK regional management have recently appointed the worst possible person to the delivery team – cheerful blockhead, Joz Norris. It’s now his responsibility to get the right dreams into the right heads at the right time. His life of well-meant but foolhardy failure, buoyed by friends and family, has been mostly harmless – until now.

Overnight, Joz has attained power over the dreams and fantasies of his friends and family. In no time he makes so many mistakes that the inner worlds of everyone he knows have been turned upside-down. His stunning ineptitude jeopardises all his significant personal relationships as he starts inadvertently messing with the contents of his friends’ heads. It also infuriates his bosses, and he risks losing his job, just as he’d finally found some stable work.

He is utterly inept, but cheerfully enthusiastic to the last, always assuming he can bluff his way out of any situation, no matter how rarely that seems to be true.

Written by Joz Norris and Miranda Holms