Jess is an aspiring artist with synaesthesia, which means that she sees colours and patterns when she hears certain sounds. When Jess collapses and hits her head during an environmental protest, she meets Dan and falls in love. This relationship changes both of their lives. But Dan has a shadowy career, working for a criminal gang who are running drugs. He’d like to escape from this way of life, but Jess is increasingly pulled towards it.

Holli Dempsey and Josef Altin star in a new thriller of conflicting perception from Matthew Broughton (the creator of podcast drama Tracks).

At the end of Season 1 of Matthew Broughton’s thriller, young artist Jess rescued her boyfriend Dan from gang leader, Joe Magner. But in the process, she accidentally shot and killed Magner.

Dan wants to make a new start and move away from the corruption and violence of gang life. And Jess is trying to be supportive, but there’s something that keeps pulling her back to the criminal world.

As Jess learns how to tune into her synaesthesia – she sees sound as colour and pattern – it’s clear that there’s a widening perception gap between her and Dan. And no one’s talking about Ronnie Vaz. Who’s vanished from the face of the earth.