The James Bond of sixteenth century England??…. rollicking tales with a humorous twist!! – highly recommended
Playwright Kit Marlowe investigates a succession of comic mysteries, ably assisted by his insanitary sidekick Ratsbane.

Episode 1 – The Curious Case Of The Curs’d Quayside: Elizabethan playwright Kit Marlowe gains a new job, hires a servant – and inherits a mystery.

Episode 2 – The Turbulent Tale Of The Troubl’d Tragedy: A rehearsal for a play goes quite badly – as does the performance. But is it a proper play, or a vehicle for something else?

Episode 3 – The Perplex’d Plot Of The Perilous Plague: London is stricken with plague and there is double-crossing afoot; another case for Kit Marlowe, playwright and spy.

Episode 4 – The Murky Mystery Of Murder At St Marks: Marlowe finds himself in the Groves of Academe involved in a series of bizarre murders. And the Queen is coming to visit.