This is an exciting and wonderfully imaginative story of how George V, King of England, tries to save his cousin Tsar Nicholas II from the Reds during the Russian Revolution in 1918. James Tremayne is secretly commissioned to mount a rescue expedition. In Vladivostok, Tremayne joins forces with a White Russian Colonel, Kasakov, and an American construction engineer, Tom Story, an expert on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. Eastern Siberia was in the toils of civil war and revolution. Through the turbulent wasteland Tremayne and his companions make their way by armoured train toward Ekaterinburg, where the Imperial Russian family are being held captive. The White forces are closing in, and there is danger Tsar Nicholas II and his family will be summarily executed if the Reds are forced to withdraw.

It is a hazardous race against time and dangerous odds, and from beginning to end the pace never slackens. Based solidly on history, this story deals with one of the great unsolved mysteries of modern times — what happened to the Tsar’s family? It comes up with an answer that is utterly plausible and a the same time makes for a highly entertaining story.