Terry is an ex-SAS professional occasionally hired by the Secret Services to do special ‘jobs’.

1. Target – The job he has to do now seems easy enough – until he senses that somehow he’s the intended victim…
2. Suspect – A top secret file belonging to the Department of Internal Security has been leaked to a left-wing magazine. Ex-SAS agent Terry Prince has been dispatched to retrieve the file – only to discover the magazine’s editor dead and he himself suspected of murder…
3. Loose Ends – Wrongfully accused of murdering the editor of Socialist Attack, Terry Prince is on the run from both the Internal Security Department and gangsters from London’s underworld….
4. Framed – Wrongfully framed for a murder, Terry Prince is trying to find out who really did it? His suspicions fall equally on the government’s Internal Security Department and on gangsters from London’s underworld….
5. Blackmail – An extensive nationwide search is underway for ex-SAS agent Terry Prince, which so far he’s evaded. Now he’s making his way out to a mansion in Oxfordshire, the setting for a deed he’s been blackmailed into carrying out…
6. Battle – In the darkness near the Oxford mansion, the setting for the deed he’s been blackmailed into carrying out, Terry Prince prepares to do battle, with whatever forces await him….
Freddie Lees stars in John Fletcher’s six-part thriller serial.

Terry …… Freddie Lees
Thompson …… John Abineri
Fortescue …… Hubert Rees
Sturley …… John Linstrum
Simpson …… Conrad Phillips
Chris …… Elwyn Johnson
Linda Taylor …… Madeleine Cemm
Nick …… Brett Usher
Watson …… Ray Handy
Trader …… Colin Starkey