Comedy series by Ian Brown and James Hendrie set in the eccentric seaside town of Flamford following City burn-out Andy Chambers.

Series 1

1: The Key – Welcome to Flamford, the setting for this sitcom starring Philip Jackson, Tom Palmer and Alison Steadman. Andy Chambers – edgy, sharp-tongued City burn-out – has fled London for his Uncle Jeff’s seaside home. When we meet him, all Andy wants to do is sleep, but Jeff is having none of it. Jeff gets Andy out of bed and gives him breakfast with the promise of an interesting surprise which is safely stowed in the shed. He suddenly realises his keys are missing – his friend Fat Sid borrowed the keys three years ago and hasn’t given them back. Jeff leads Andy on a quest around Flamford for Fat Sid and the missing keys. On their Odyssey they encounter Fish Shop Frank and his outré selection of fish, Pest Control Officer Corinne with whom Jeff has an “understanding”, and finally Fat Sid himself in an unexpected new role.

2: Cold Mountain – Andy is beginning to settle in to the unusual seaside town of Flamford. When he and his Uncle Jeff find an abandoned fridge in the street, Jeff seizes the opportunity to teach his nephew the value of entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, his plans are complicated by a particularly diligent and zealous Police Officer, a hard-nosed private landlord and Fish Shop Frank’s refusal to see a business opportunity when it’s sat on the pavement outside his chip shop. Along the way, they meet a pair of half-hearted pirates, an eccentric plutocrat, Jeff’s on-off paramour, Corinne and the youngest-sounding pub landlord in Britain.

3: Dead Man’s Dinner – Jeff and his nephew Andy are contacted by the editor of The Flamford Bugle. They have won a slap-up dinner for two at Flamford’s poshest eaterie, The Royal Albion Hotel. Eagerly anticipating the night out of a lifetime, Andy and Jeff’s dreams of gourmet heaven quickly deteriorate into the nightmare of a lifetime. The prize had been promised to local citizen Wally Metcalfe, but he died just after the draw. Now his widow is on the warpath with her two burly sons. Social media doesn’t help either, and in no time there is a mob baying for Jeff and Andy’s blood.

4: Sunday, Flipping Sunday – Dawn breaks on a beautiful Sunday morning in Flamford. Uncle Jeff is on a quest for spiritual comfort and persuades his nephew Andy to join him by bribing him with the promise of a proper roast dinner. They find that the local church has installed a new vicar, the Reverend Beverley, who invites Jeff to her bible class that evening. The words “bring a bible” strike a chill to Jeff’s heart. He has never owned a bible, and neither has Andy. They spend the rest of the day trying to find a bible on a Sunday, with Andy’s stomach rumbling as he pictures his dinner slipping further away. On their quest they encounter Derek Horrox The Mayor, Peter Humfriss, The Town Crier, and a slightly unnerving bookseller.

5: Occupied – Andy (Tom Palmer) has found a level of contentment with the world – reading books, watching films, and generally repairing his wounded psyche. Uncle Jeff (Philip Jackson) is having none of this and reveals a hitherto unknown secret to Andy, that the dusty shop downstairs from his seaside flat belongs to Jeff. When necessary, it seems, he offers the community of Flamford a valuable service as an electrical repair person. Jeff lures Andy into the shop and shows him how to use the till. Andy realises it’s another of his uncle’s ploys, and refuses this oblique yet unsubtle job offer. But Jeff, never the one to say “die”, takes his nephew on a job search in which Andy is an unwilling participant. Visits follow to Fish Shop Frank (Mark Benton), the Tourist Information Office run by the uniformed and uninformed Steph and Pippa (Alison Steadman and Shobna Gulati), and Flamford’s as-yet-unlicensed zoo.

6: The Girl from the South – Uncle Jeff (Philip Jackson), out of the blue, decides that his nephew Andy (Tom Palmer) needs a girlfriend. Andy decides that he does not. Jeff persists – Fish Shop Frank (Mark Benton) has his niece visiting from down south, and she is, by all accounts, “a lovely girl”. While waiting for Andy to agree, Jeff takes him to the local hypermarket ostensibly for supplies, but in fact because Jeff has read in a magazine that supermarkets are the ideal place for young singles to meet. While Jeff is wrongly detained for shoplifting, Andy runs into an old flame from London, Liz (Shobna Gulati). She’s staying with her Uncle Frank – so this is the “lovely girl” Jeff’s been banging on about! How can Andy rekindle the relationship with his old flame without – annoyingly – oving Jeff right?

Series 2

1: The Longest Day – Welcome back to Flamford. – Series two of the comedy by Ian Brown and James Hendrie set in the eccentric seaside town of Flamford following City burn-out Andy Chambers In episode one, Andy returns to his uncle’s seaside home. Oddly, the town has been taken over by Brad Pitt and some Hollywood Nazis. Starring Philip Jackson, Tom Palmer and Alison Steadman.

2: Van Crazy – Series two of the comedy by Ian Brown and James Hendrie set in the eccentric seaside town of Flamford following City burn-out Andy Chambers Jeff and Andy (Philip Jackson & Tom Palmer) borrow a van from Frank (Mark Benton) setting them on the road to ruin – or rather, a nude beach, A&E and a search for some drip trays.

3: The Mystery of Room 66 – To win back Corinne’s heart, Jeff takes her to an escape room. But no-one expects a puzzle set by Death himself.

4: Monday on the Beach with George – Andy helps Jeff track down a vital document. Thanks to a rapacious seagull, the quest ends in a literal cliffhanger. Philip Jackson, Tom Palmer and Shobna Gulati star.

5: The Clench – Andy and Jeff clash with The Mayor (Rasmus Hardiker) as a missing sweet shop sets off a tale of kompromat, corruption and coastal erosion. Starring Philip Jackson and Mark Benton.

6: The Last Farewell – The death of Frank’s rival, Frank, causes Frank mixed emotions – glee and joy. Starring Philip Jackson, Tom Palmer, Alison Steadman, Mark Benton, Shobna Gulati and Rasmus Hardiker.

Series 3

1: Never The Twin – It’s September in Flamford, which can only mean one thing – the Flamford Christmas Market is in full flow. Jeff (Philip Jackson) persuades his recalcitrant London nephew Andy (James Northcote) to join him in a gift-shopping expedition. Along the way they encounter pokerwork sign-maker and fire hazard Pam (Shobna Gulati), loud, lovelorn and now jobless Town Crier Peter Humfriss (Mark Benton) and The Ghost of Christmas-Who-Gives-A-Stuff – chiselling pensioner Mr Truepenny (Rasmus Hardiker). Christmas, even though it’s September, is also a time for mysteries – one of which sees Jeff and Andy pitted against the enigmatic Applegarth twins (Alison Steadman and Alison Steadman).

2: Five Benches Outside Yatterby Hall Flamford – Nothing could be more relaxing than a visit to a historical stately home – but this is Flamford. Andy (James Northcote) starts the day with a rather alarming haircut and it’s downhill from there on. Jeff (Philip Jackson) drags Andy on a quest to local heritage site, Yatterby Hall, where he hopes to snag the autograph of his hero, Sir Trevor McDonald. On the way, they meet disgruntled and vengeful Big Blue Bus guide Glenn (Rasmus Hardiker), disgruntled and despondent primary school teacher Brendan Liversedge (Mark Benton) and several disgruntled and thin-skinned costumed museum guides. Lording it over them all (quite literally) is Lord Yatterby, Johnny Hussey-Gore-Marshbanks (also Mark Benton), his conversationally-challenged wife Francesca (Shobna Gulati), his scheming dowager mother (Alison Steadman) and Alfred, his junkie son (Rasmus Hardiker).

3: The Haunting of Jeffrey Whittaker – Jeff (Philip Jackson) is having one of his occasional dark afternoons of the soul. Andy (James Northcote) decides he needs a project. As luck would have it, the local pub landlord Phil Loynes (Rasmus Hardiker) needs a gimmick to boost his flagging sales. Jeff wonders if a ghost would help: “Every pub needs a ghost” and he tells the story of the mysterious Grey Lady of Sharpwater Green. Even though the story is completely invented by Jeff, he and Andy go out of their way to make it real, with the help of veteran ghost-faker Fish Shop Frank Bridgwater (Mark Benton). While our heroes are grappling with forces they do not comprehend, their friend Joyce (Alison Steadman) is struggling with a creature she cannot control – a large dog called Goliath. Will the Flamford False Phantom Fakers fall victim to the most inexorable power of all – social media?

4: The Agreement – Andy (James Northcote) and Jeff (Philip Jackson) find they have a big problem to solve – each other. Fish Shop Frank (Mark Benton) suggests Couples Therapy as it worked so well for his ex-wife (and for him too, if he’d turned up). After a session with unorthodox therapist Dr Coulson (Alison Steadman), the treatment is such a success that Andy decides to move out. Jeff, though wounded, puts a brave face on it and gets on with his life as best he can. Meanwhile, Andy, by contrast, is living the high life. He’s run into an old friend from London, Sean (Rasmus Hardiker), and they’re visiting nightclubs and restaurants and comedy gigs together. Will Andy learn to appreciate true friendship? Will Jeff stop complaining about Andy cluttering up the hall with his shoes? When will Andy start to miss the plain but honest things that Jeff has to offer – like a really fierce and satisfying game of Scrabble?

5: Strangers and a Drain – Jeff (Philip Jackson) ill-advisedly offers to clean the chaotic drains of his girlfriend Corinne (Alison Steadman) while she’s away at a pest control conference. Seeking to free himself from this unsavoury task, Jeff strikes a murky deal with Fish Shop Frank (Mark Benton) to swap DIY tasks – Frank will clear Corinne’s drains and Jeff will fix Frank’s shelves. However, things don’t go according to plan. The hapless pair are sucked into a swirling vortex leading to a seething netherworld of crime and Mariachi. Along the way they once again meet punctilious and pedantic policeman, PC Clarke (“That’s Clarke with an ‘e’”) and also unorthodox and erratic limo driver, Psycho Pete (Rasmus Hardiker). In the meantime, Andy (James Northcote) is training to be a bingo-caller. Unlucky for some – 13.

6: Fly Flamford – Jeff (Philip Jackson) and Andy (James Northcote) are awaiting their departure from Winifred Holtby International Airport, formerly RAF Flamford Heath, with a major repurposing in the 90s as Flamin’ Wheels Go-Kart Centre. They’ve taken advantage of The Flamford Bugle’s 2-for-1 ticket offer to mark the “exciting new route” to Rome-Maremma by low budget airline AlexAir. They’re soon joined by Fish Shop Frank (Mark Benton), Copper Kettle proprietor and nervous flyer Joyce Rickles (Alison Steadman) and Flamford’s Number One aged curmudgeon, Mr Truepenny (Rasmus Hardiker) – all of them with an eye for a bargain and all of them fellow 2-for-1 ticketeers. Frank has already started on the pints (“What? I’m on holiday”), Joyce has been on a Flying-With-Confidence course (“My mantra is ‘Turnips’”) and Mr Truepenny is behaving more oddly than normal (“I dropped an E earlier and I think it’s kicking in”). They soon find cheapest is not always best. As the flight delays mount, so tempers rise and questions are asked. When’s the plane leaving? What is Frank’s secret? Who is Simon? And why does WH Smith sell water in litre bottles which you cannot possibly finish before you reach the security gate?