A young woman skilled in computing is drawn into a spy adventure. Christopher Bidmead’s thriller stars Angela Pleasance.

  1. Reception – Hilary is a woman of exceptional talent. She’s set to be discharged from hospital after seeing the psychiatrist. But Hilary discovers that she’s the target of a shadowy group who want to use her computer talents…
  2. Pandora Close – Hilary meets a gentleman who tells her that the dead are living and the living dead.Then because of her exceptional talent, he asks her to do a job for him…
  3. Zeus – Hilary meets an agent who is not what he seems, and together they climb a bridge to rob a computer.
  4. The Proctor File – Hilary gets things taped, but has to take a jump to get back in the swim of things.
  5. Universal General Hire – As the danger mounts, Hilary is forced to hang on for rescue from the sky. Stars Angela Pleasence and Nigel Anthony.
  6. The Cross of Light – Hilary is getting closer to the facts, but will she be able to face the truth?

Conclusion of Christopher Bidmead’s spy adventure starring Angela Pleasance.