Ghostly stories. A study in fear. A collection of twenty-four full cast paranormal BBC Radio dramas.

Personal Luggage – A fragmented family gather in their new home. It’s to be a fresh start for them all. But on the first morning, they’re joined by an apparition … and he’s angry.

The Door in the Pillow – Annie is a woman whose fractured sense of the world is held together by stories. Daughter Terri starts to question where they are coming from – one story in particular seems wildly disconnected from anything Terri knows of her mother’s past. It doesn’t crack under examination, and seems to have a concrete solidity that reality no longer does….

The Maid’s Bell – A maid takes a job with a kind but sad mistress who suffers from a weak heart, a cruel and tyrannical husband, and the presence of a stubborn ghost…

The Understudy – An actor’s obsession with a bizarre murder in Victorian theatreland sparks a deadly confrontation.

Grahamston – An audio documentary and ghost story inspired by the forgotten village in Glasgow’s City Centre which was destroyed to make way for Central Station in the late 1870s.

Knock of the Ban-Sithe – A contemporary ghost story based on Gaelic folklore. Three siblings return to the family croft on the Isle of Lewis to visit their dying mother – but their childhood home is haunted by unsettling memories and fears as they wait through the night for the arrival of the dreaded Ban-Sithe.

I See The Moon – It’s 1967 and Richard Thornton is at a planning conference. In the big house where he’s staying, he comes across a little girl on the top landing. He comforts her and promises to return, but his hosts deny any knowledge of her. Can she really have disappeared into thin air?

Trespass – Former countess, Christine, asks a medium to contact her dead husband. But the consequences spark a night of terror in the foreboding Crithin Castle in Wales.

The Drover’s Path – A chilling ghost story, based on a real-life family history, set on a remote Yorkshire sheep farm in 1890.

Haunted Hospital – A hospital in Rochdale is the setting for this ghost story, featuring two parallel storylines, one contemporary and the other set in the late 1800s – drawing on real historical events.

The Le Fanu Ballads – The tale bridges the two time periods of Sheridan Le Fanu’s 19th Century ghost stories and our world today in his supernatural adaptation. It begins in a basement nightclub in Dublin called Sheridan’s. For four of the people who come to this club, a Royal Naval sailor, an au pair, an artist and a judge, this visit will change their lives. They will find themselves trapped in a story sprung from the tortured mind of Le Fanu himself.

The Haunted Hotel – In 1860, the formidable Countess Narona marries a rich young aristocrat in London – but shortly after travelling to Venice her husband dies, apparently of natural causes, leaving the Countess a rich woman. Years later, guests in a Venetian hotel encounter the terrifying apparition of a murder victim seeking revenge.

After Supper Ghost Stories – It’s Christmas Eve, 1891. In Laburnum Grove, Tooting, Uncle John’s whisky-punch and Aunt Maria’s toasted lobsters are not the only frights on the menu…

The Parson – Back from missionary work abroad, Reverend Martin Stokes stumbles into a nightmare of biblical proportions abroad. Based upon existing ghost stories from around Britain.

The Lie – Lisa gives up everything for her lover – and wanders a disused Victorian psychiatric hospital. Based upon existing ghost stories from around Britain.

Middlewitch – Midsummer. A remote village in North Wales has been living under a curse since 1823. Will the arrival of a new Methodist Minister offer them salvation? Based upon existing ghost stories from around Britain.

50 Berkeley Square – The most haunted house in Victorian London is set to give up its dark secret. A hundred years back in time, Molly discovers that passion never dies. Based upon existing ghost stories from around Britain.

The Midnight House – Fact and fiction collide in Jonathan Hall’s period ghost story. Set in the Welsh tin quarries that housed the nation’s treasures during the Second World War.

The House at Tinner’s Tor – A bleak and abandoned house and a ghost from the past troubles Anna, as she returns to Dartmoor – the scene of her childhood holidays. Kim Hicks stars as Anna, with Oona Beeson, Stewart Clapp, Elizabeth Revill, Daisy Martinez, Florence Wood, Alex Maclaren, Stuart Crossman and Helen Weaver

Emily’s Ghost – Young Emily goes to live with her family in an inherited country house. When she begins to see and hear strange things, Emily fears that she is being haunted.