Caretaker Bob Braithwaite spies on all the goings on below, from the top of Blackpool Tower.

he observes Clinton J Beesley – self-proclaimed ‘King Of The Weddings’ and proprietor of ‘Nuptial World’ – everything from a cufflink to a Daimler – who is hosting a dinner for his 25th wedding anniversary.

Unfortunately after one too many glasses of ‘Vulgarro’ at the local Italian, Clinton’s wife Janet reveals more than anyone bargained for, and their marriage unravels on the spot.

Bob spies on a troubled tea dance at the Anaglypta hotel featuring a drag spectacular.

he observes a businesswoman being hounded by the press.

caretaker Bob spies on one of Blackpool’s top cabaret acts struggling along the pier.

Written by and starring David Holt.