Comedy about the ruling family of Renaissance Italy’s most inconsequential city-state

In Monte Guano, a ridiculously small and penniless principality in Renaissance Italy, Prince Ludovico II finds his rule constantly undermined by those around him: his shrewd wife, his official mistress, and his three disappointing – if not outright humiliating – sons.

As well as having to manage the ever-increasing tributes demanded by the Pope, Prince Ludovico must also contend with feeble conscripts in search of war booty, getting on the pilgrim map, fake currency, religious battles, and worst of all, English tourists. Can they keep their family together despite the chaos of their lives?

Perfect for fans of Blackadder and The Castle, the brilliant comedy cast includes David Swift as Ludovico, Sian Phillips as Plethora, Graham Crowden as Francesco and Paul Bigley as Alessandro, as well as Saskia WickhamNick RomeroChristopher Kelham and Kim Wall.