A radio comedy series set in Renaissance Italy in the fictional principality of Monte Guano.

It’s a family drama, with the family consisting of Ludovico, the ambitious but pretty much unsuccessful ruler; Plethora, his wife who’s a hundred times more intelligent than her hubby and the real power in Monte Guano; Salvatore, the eldest son who wants to go into the church and someday become Pope but can’t because of lack of money; the middle son Alessandro who wants to be an artist and inventor; the youngest son Guido, an ardent Protestant and devotee of Martin Luther; and the Countess Rosalie, Ludovico’s mistress who’s supposed to be engaged to Salvatore … and who’s actually quite good friends with Plethora.

Watching all the events unfold is Francesco, Ludovico’s secretary and chronicler and a frustrated poet.

Ludovico … David Swift
Plethora … Sian Phillips
Francesco … Graham Crowden
Alessandro … Paul Bigley
Rosalie … Sasha Wickham
Salvatore … Nick Romero
Guido … Christopher Kellam