Simon Brett wrote 13 series of this gentle comedy drama, regarding the lives of three, very different, frequently squabbling, middle-aged sisters. The characters remain the same, though the actors do change from time to time. Key to the story are the three sisters themselves:

Anna: .Having cared for her father for some years, on his death she inherited the family home. Generally happy and contented with life, she suddenly finds herself free to put herself first for once, now she genuinely has “No Commitments”, despite her sisters’ belief that she requires their assistance in managing her personal life. She works as receptionist to Eddie, a misogynistic dentist. Played in all 13 series I believe by Rosemary Leach;

Victoria: A middle class housewife in the South London suburb of Beckenham and married to her long-suffering financial director husband Roger,. She has three children, Emily, Harriet and Benjy, and as a social snob, tries to maintain the family’s social reputation, at all costs. 

Charlotte: The youngest sister, and longs to be a famous actress. Lacking somewhat in both talent and self-awareness, she stumbles from one small acting rĂ´le to the next, finally finding a small amount of success in a hardly-known television soap opera. She seems to progress through serial lovers at about the same rate, often with the expectation that the casting couch will lead to the bed, or vice versa. She has one daughter, Giselle, the result of a brief marriage to an Australian actor, who has more success in her parents’ profession.