Set in the offices of business tycoon who struggles with the reality that he no longer runs his Empire.

Sitcom starring Bernard Cribbins and Frank Thornton.

1 – She’ll Have to Go – An accountant tackles a tycoon over his number of women workers.

2 – A Moving Experience – With talk of relocating his company, tycoon Jimmy fancies life as a country gent.

3 – The Big Bang – James is suspicious when Russell stays late in the office with saucy secretary Sue.

4 – Points of Disagreement – Whiz-kid Jimmy and staid Russell clash over a business takeover.

5 – Two Fingers of Suspicion – There’s a leak at a secret defence project. Could Brightco be the source?

6 – The Premature Berth – Tycoon Jimmy’s lavish new yacht infuriates his head of finance.