Baker’s End features Tom Baker and Colin Baker – as themselves – alongside former Doctor Who companion Katy Manning and Susan Jameson, for a very strange series of tales about goblins, magical libraries and giant cats. The series is written by Paul Magrs (Doctor Who, Brenda and Effie)

1. The King of Cats
Peevish actors are descending mournfully upon the remote English village of Happenstance for the funeral of TV legend Tom Baker. But is he really dead, or is there something murksome and swervish going on?
Starring: Tom Baker and Katy Manning

2. Gobbleknoll Hall
Ghost-hunting TV show Manifest Yourself is filming an overnight vigil in Happenstance. But the spirits of Gobbleknoll Hall are not to be messed about with. Can the King of Cats prevent the spooky investigation from going tits up?
Starring: Tom Baker, Katy Manning and Diane Morgan

3. Tatty Bogle
As the end of summer beckons, the local folk are planning the festival of Tatty Bogle. Before the festival is over there’ll be ritual sacrifice, a nasty homunculus and an almighty ruckus in the front parlour
Starring: Tom Baker, Katy Manning and Susan Jameson

4. The Happenstance Pox
It’s been some time since the master of Baker’s End went charging into an infernoing tower. Since then he’s been lying swathed in bandages in the cottage hospital.
But what lies beneath the bandages?
Starring: Colin Baker, Katy Mannin g and Susan Jameson