The Darker Side of the Border

Series of Scottish 19th-century tales of terror and mystery, dramatized by Marty Ross & directed by Bruce Young.

“The Captain of the Polestar” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A Dundee whaling ship becomes trapped in the Arctic. Strange cries sound across the ice at night and a figure is glimpsed on the floes. Is it the captain’s lost love come to reclaim him? With Alec Heggie as Captain Nicholas Craigie

“Olalla” by Robert Louis Stevenson

During the Peninsular War in Spain a wounded Scottish soldier is sent to stay in a remote house in the hills. The soldier falls in love with the daughter of the house, but the family harbors a terrible secret. With Roxanna Pope as Olalla and Paul Blair as Alec

“The Brownie of the Black Haggs” by James Hogg

Lady Wheelhope has a reputation as a violent mistress to those under her power. Yet when desire for a mysterious servant overwhelms her, it’s her own soul she exposes to terrible risk. With Irene Macdougall as Lady Wheelhope

Ghost Zone

Surrounded by devastation and a radioactive cloud, a Highland village appears to have survived a meteor strike. Stars Gayanne Potter.

Catch My Breath

On the run from a women’s prison in the Scottish Highlands, Kate and Colleen are given refuge in a vast country mansion by a charming but rather enigmatic host, Adam Strachan. It could be a decision they come to regret…

The storyline for Marty Ross’s supernatural five-part thriller is based around the notion, found in old Scottish folk tales, of the Beatha Greimach – literally ‘The Breath Thief’ – a celtic demon said to lure victims into a kiss which would drain the soul from their bodies.

A Whisper Of Black Silk

Marty Ross’ contribution to the BBC Radio Scotland series IN THE DARK was a modern take on a Victorian ghost story. Performed in October, 2016 at Britannia Panopticon Music Hall in Glasgow