Canadian stand-up comedian Mae Martin seamlessly blends razor-sharp social observations with personal anecdotes from their unique upbringing. In this exploration of sexuality and addiction, Mae takes center stage, offering both humor and insight.

Sexuality in the Spotlight

Mae dives into the millennial perspective, challenging societal norms around sexuality and gender. Through a funny and personal lens, they examine how we should approach teaching children about sex and relationships. Brace yourself—it might not align with Mae’s own mother Wendy’s methods!

Mae Martin’s Guide to 21st Century Addiction

Having kicked the habit, Mae reflects on addiction—both as a societal concept and on a deeply personal level. Who is Mae now, free from any dependencies? This guide chronicles Mae’s journey through a lifetime of obsessive behavior and addiction, all while maintaining their signature wit and levity.

Decoding Habits and Addictions

As a child, Mae’s intensity bordered on obsession. They didn’t merely “like” things; they loved them wholeheartedly. Now, Mae draws connections between their all-consuming patterns of behavior and seeks to understand what truly defines an addiction.