Six cosy detective dramas plus 2 short series about secretary-turned-super-sleuth Liz Parker

Liz Parker dreams of being a gumshoe, like her hardboiled heroes Philip Marlowe and Mike Hammer. But instead, she’s stuck as secretary at the Ace Agency, a small-time investigation bureau above a curry house in the backstreets of Birmingham. Her lecherous boss, Mr Antrobus, is too tied up with typist Gloria to pay much attention to the cases that come in – so Liz decides to solve them herself…

In A Confidential Agent, Liz gets embroiled in the affairs of an old friend and an old flame. But as she digs into the past, she unearths secrets, lies and shady dealings… All that Glisters sees her consulted by a young man whose girlfriend, Tracy, has gone missing. Looking into her disappearance, she uncovers a seedy photographic business with a sideline in blackmail.

Poison in the Air finds Liz promoted to fully fledged investigator. But her boss still isn’t taking her seriously – so when she hears of poison-pen letters being sent to an old people’s home, she’s determined to unmask the culprit… In A Husband Scorned, she finds herself attracted to a teacher whose wife has gone astray: but is he a victim, or a villain? Fire sees her investigating threats against a Greek dressmaker – and when his clothing factory goes up in flames, she must decide if sabotage or fraud are involved. Finally, in Sharks Have Pearly Teeth, with the agency suffering a cash-flow crisis, Liz learns the bitter truth behind a case of moneylending and espionage.

A bonus of two series with former private investigator Liz Parker, now retired in France. Liz is determined to enjoy her freedom, but circumstances intervene.

Scripted by award-winning dramatist Nick McCarty, these engaging dramas star Rosemary Martin as Liz Parker, Terry Molloy as Mr Antrobus and Clare Faulconbridge as Gloria.